Auto-no-mation & AI should be the next DevOps hype

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Autonomation is a concept coined at Toyota production. The Japanese word is Jidoka.

The idea is, that automation is implemented to break when abnormality is observed. The implementation discussed supervisory functions that monitor any such behaviors. When one do arise, it needs to be handled manually, the condition requires improvement before it restarts.

Without diving too deep into the concept, this made me rethink every automation I have today as part of work / side projects. Can my automation handle failures? Will these failures be discovered? If they would, am I confident this will be in time?

When viewing automation this way, the trust in the process grows, and its creators are still involved as an integral part throughout its lifetime.

While ingenious, it leaves me to think whether the human component here will soon be replaced by an AI model. At least as far as application goes, many models are already fully skilled to fix bugs and handle testing. Humans will not be eliminated, but their involvement can be largely decreased.

And finally, if I combined the two concepts above - autonomation + AI, this creates all types of services, solutions and improvements I think about, and am planning to implement and built this year!

With that in mind,

Have a great 2024. May it be better than 2023 in every way ( the bar isn't too high).

Have a great weekend

My favorite discoveries this week:

Remember “just”? The Make alternative in Rust? Well here’s “Task”!

  • Remember “just”? The Make alternative in Rust? Well here’s “Task”:
  • Every once in a while I find myself creating a visually pleasing code snippet. For a demo, a slide, or a video.This tool creates beautiful, customizable snippets ❤️:

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