Laugh at perfection. It’s boring and keeps you from being done.

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This week I'd like to address one of the best concepts I've encountered and it has everything and nothing to do with tech at the same time...

"The Cult of Done" is a manifesto, a set of principles if you like, that teaches you, well, how to get things done, but mentally.

The idea is simple; don't over think, don't over-edit, just do. Finish and release. When the product is out there, just let it be, and move on to the next one. You can think of anything you create like a piece of art; when you're done with the blog post, the article, the project, you set it free. It will never be perfect, so do your best while creating, and then end it and move on.

We all postpone, rework, edit, procrastinate with releasing, and so, if there's one principle that stood out for me from the list was this:

"Laugh at perfection. It’s boring and keeps you from being done."

You can find the manifesto here.
And a GREAT video about it here.

A couple of extra links:

  • If you're a Tmux user, I released a plugin that helps with session management and brings it closer to the user, you can get it on Github
  • I'm big on using music for focus when working but it needs to be very specific. Apparently, specializes with that, and I've been a (very) happy customer for the past year. Give them a try, and if you subscribe, use the code `omerxx` when you checkout for a 20% off!

As always, feel free to reply to this email with thoughts!

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