People leave managers, not companies

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Yesterday I read a long post of an engineer leaving Google after 18 years.
It was ranked at the top of HackerNews and I had to know why.

While reading, beyond an interesting glimpse into Google of the old days vs modern era, I got to the bottom part where this senior is going directly against a manager he had and how they managed things around this department.

You can read it too, but the only thought I was left with is

"People leave managers, not companies”
Marcus Buckingham

This is a concept I had a hard time understanding when I started out, but today, it's as clear as crystal.

Yes, lots of people change jobs because of materialistic benefits, and sometimes non-materialistic reasons like 'doing good' or the 'mission' of another company. However, at least in my experience, none of these ever happen in a vacuum.

If you're working under the best manager in the world for you, it means you're growing, learning, and receiving the support you need at the exact level required to perform at your peak. Even if you find yourself at Google tomorrow, your specific manager can be the exact opposite of all of the above, making your work and, by extension, your life miserable.

So, if I take one thing to think about this weekend, it's this: How do I become a better teammate, a better manager, a better employee? How do I provide the right feedback, whether upwards, downwards, or sideways, to get what I need to perform at my peak?

I'll be exploring that on the next episode of DevOps Topeaks from various perspectives so stay tuned if this sounds interesting.

With that in mind, have a great weekend! And here's a few interesting things I've discovered / read / tried over the past week:

  • The post I mentioned above:
  • I encountered it while reading through the top Hackernews posts using this CLI reader: !

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